luni, 10 august 2015

I have loved you and even worse.

I just have one question before you go away and end up being just another name, just another game, just another reason to fake getting drunk on Saturday evenings.

Was it worth it?
To work so hard
to make me love you
to make me believe you were there
was it worth it to make me lose my head
for the last time?
because I swear
it was the fucking last time
you can go to hell
burn and die in it
for all I care
yes, I am angry
I want to hurt you
I want to see you suffer
I want to make you bleed
till you get
to reach me
on this deserted island
so that I can get to kill you
one last time
before you go to hell
for your silly sins
and I go whisper sweet punishments in Satan's ear,
as you were hoping,
as you always saw me.
your nemesis
your favorite sinner
your most beloved enemy
fuck you
go to hell
and never call my name.

And so I woke up, all sweat and tears. Just to find the blood on my sheets. And you closer to me than ever.