marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

Romantic crap

Remember when we climbed that tree and we just stood there to see the sunrise? Our feet were numb and our backs would hurt, but we just didn't give up. And then you put those rose petals in my hair and I said "that's some romantic crap right there!".
We'd chase each other all over the park like stupid kids at 5 am in the morning.
And then we fell asleep on the couch, all space between us. Just our hands were touching.
Do you remember?
Neither do I.

I'm working and listening to Muddy, the only high I need these days.

duminică, 11 ianuarie 2015


Today I went shopping and it took me 3 hours to decide on a new telephone. I finally purchased a new pillow instead. I named it Snuggles.

On another note, I had to witness a strange, yet entertaining moment for me. My sister doing a project with other 2 girls in her class.
>one of them sent a model
>after 2 hours of arguing and trying to agree, I did the calculus for them
>then they called each other on the phone and b*tched about the class, the subject of the project, the colleagues, the weather, etc.
>then staring for 5 minutes at a blank page
>finally they decided to send it in that form
>it's just half a point anyway
>I can't believe I let her borrow my PC and I did nothing but read all this entire time
>good thing I had my Snuggles