duminică, 11 ianuarie 2015


Today I went shopping and it took me 3 hours to decide on a new telephone. I finally purchased a new pillow instead. I named it Snuggles.

On another note, I had to witness a strange, yet entertaining moment for me. My sister doing a project with other 2 girls in her class.
>one of them sent a model
>after 2 hours of arguing and trying to agree, I did the calculus for them
>then they called each other on the phone and b*tched about the class, the subject of the project, the colleagues, the weather, etc.
>then staring for 5 minutes at a blank page
>finally they decided to send it in that form
>it's just half a point anyway
>I can't believe I let her borrow my PC and I did nothing but read all this entire time
>good thing I had my Snuggles

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