luni, 23 februarie 2015


I hate it.
and I hate me more
when I don't love
you had to go
there was no more space
in my heart for
you cluttered my veins
stumbled on my defenses
broke through my lines of attack
tasted the cinder and smoke
of the most terrible war
I started for
you take so little
when you deserve so much more
so please, darling
take my hand
my lips
burn them
and take what you will
in the fire of

duminică, 15 februarie 2015

Quotes I thought about this week

"Life is so cruel that sometimes not even socks get to find their other half." - Unknown, could be me :)

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." Clemenza, The Godfather I

miercuri, 11 februarie 2015

reasons why social interaction in the morning is bad for me. and to you if you know me.

It's 11 a.m. and:
- I was already asked to review a poetry. It was crap. 
- I was already asked to comment on the uprising war threatening to swallow Romania along with the entire Eastern Europe. I hope only the stupid will die.
- I already had strangers in my house. One of them was asking too many questions. So I killed him.
- Now I'm trying to hide the body.
- I haven't even had the time for the only thing I want to see in the morning, which is a big ass cup of coffee. Or a shotgun. No preferences, but coffee does taste better.

song to blend it nicely:


luni, 2 februarie 2015

stupid country song breaking my heart!

it may be country, but it's resonating with a very deep side of my soul.
and I feel it shatter my heart in so many pieces I feel I will never be able to put them all together.
it doesn't remind me of anybody.
it doesn't bring any memories to mind.
it doesn't relate to anything I have ever felt or known.
but each time I listen to it
it breaks my heart.

stupid country song breaking my heart!