duminică, 27 decembrie 2015

The story of Min and how I learned to stop shouting

Once upon a time there was a country far far away.
A country of many colors and shapes and textures, a country so glorious and so crazy in its existence that you could taste the sky and you could swim in forests of apple trees. 
Birds would dance around flying flowers and tiny mountains would sprout on the ceiling of the rainbow houses where lovely friendly people lived in peace with one another. They were the happiest people on the planet of Earth; they would be good neighbors to each other, always ready to help and welcoming. They would never fight and there was no such thing as a conflict in this land.
The divorce rate was 0% and there would be a wedding every weekend; they would drink fuchsia beer out of floating sparkling glasses then, play funny games and exchange gifts with each other.
All kids in this country were happy. All elders in this country were grateful with the lives they lived, that's why each death here was celebrated instead of mourned. 
Everything was bliss. Everything was peace.
A peace so deep that the entire country lived in silence.
Because this was the strangest thing about Silencia, for this is the country I am talking about. There were no sounds here. No music. Everything was quiet. And all its inhabitants were deaf. They would communicate only in written and by the use of gestures.
Which brings us back to our story.  
Once upon a time in Silencia there was a strange little boy named Min.
Min was just about your age or mine. He liked to play football and going to the cinema (where all movies were silent) and most of all he loved to dream. He dreamed about foreign countries and fantastic worlds and fairy-tale creatures. All kids in his school called him Weirdo because they found him strange. They couldn't understand his fascination with other things, different things, curious things. It was the same with the teachers. They all thought Min should be home schooled and not forced to study in a normal institution. They would call him special.
So they all left poor Min by himself, not realizing this way he would become even more absorbed with his inner world.
I forgot to mention that Silencia was always welcoming foreigners and that they had very good relationships with all the surrounding countries. However, it was very rare that people would leave Silencia. So rare, that people on Earth would always make fun of the silencers, that they are as rare as hen's teeth. 
Anyway, as days went by and Min graduated, he was very confused about what he should do. All his colleagues had their career decisions taken even before starting high-school.
Another strange thing about Silencia was that for some reason there were very few fiction books published by silencers. So when Min told his family he will start working on writing a fiction book, they were a little disappointed; but since they were good silencers, they couldn't help being happy about his choice in the end.
One day, as he was doing research work for his book, Min stumbled on a word he didn't understand. And not only that he didn't understand it, he couldn't find it in the dictionary and all papers he consulted in order to find an explanation for the term were not very helpful, as the concept was not familiar at all to him.
The word was...