sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2015


Sometimes I have to change my words into a whisper to be able to say things right.
As if the pitch of my voice could be proportional in any way to effect of their meaning.
Like an earthquake trembling from my soul to yours.

So I let the words just slowly brush my lips
And my hands, they hardly touch your fragile surface
And I'm afraid to even stare into your eyes; even the thought of it makes my heart turn to stone

So I just watch you through black eye lashes
Through salty rivers
Through a house of cards only a touch of wind could shatter.

And you know.
You always knew.
What wild winds exist in me.
A cold winter has awaken and nothing but its own fierceness can stop it from unleashing its countless dead and frozen limbs.

Don't let the intensity of myself embrace you.
Make my fury elude you.
You know there is fervor and depth in my love that could crush the world.

Let me be tired and obscured.
Because keeping me hazy will keep us alive.

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