marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

things that annoy me

boys who dress all in white;
people who walk slow in front of me;
people who sit on the left side on the automatic stairs;
automatic stairs;
no new messages;
bumping into people with hot coffee/choco/tea in their hands;
no lost calls;
when I really have to take a shower and there's no hot water or no water at all;
the echo of an empty fridge;
gaining weight;
when my telepathic messages don't reach you, you fool;
when I say just "Hey" instead "Hey you, take me by the hand and let's run away together";
when I look for your face in the crowd and it never shows;
waiting for it to fall apart, instead of taking intiative and break everything out of my own actions;
the need for sleep. it makes me slow and blurry;
this song. because it gets me down, every time I hear it.
Rob pattinson - Never think

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