duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

I love the monster under my bed

Unlike other normal people that sleep in their bed every night... well, I don't.
At first I thought that my insomnia would cure if I slept on the floor, but then I realised that I like the floor better than my bed.
I found that my fear of darkness is so deep in my soul that only an angel's arms could make the morning light caress my window curtains every morning. And I would wake up smiling and look at your face and then kiss you lightly on the forehead, so the dream you were dreaming wouldn't fade away to reality.

There's a monster living under my bed.
But he's too shy and scared of light to come out. His name is Who and he's a really good chess player. And he likes my music.
I no longer feel alone because I'm not. Who is here.
So every night I sleep on the floor I can hold his hand and tell him to have a good night. And sometimes he tells me stories that then I tell to you guys. Like this one.

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