luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

You know you're me when:

1. You shout "Feelings are gay!" once in a while and you're deadly serious about it.
2. You find yourself singing to the toilet "You're beautiful"(James Blunt) in a sharp voice.
3. You cry everytime you see "P.S. I love you", not because Jerry dies and doesn't end up with Holly, but because they shot only 2 minutes of Gerard Butler's streaptease.
4. You can play "The Settlers of Catan" for more than 12 hours and still want more. Actually, K. kicks my ass at wanting to play this game, even though we kick her ass at it.
5. You watched 3 movies in a row with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter and were still be able to eat meat. Chicken, veal, usual stuff.
6. You've eaten so much oatmeal you need to sing to the toilet to... you know.
7. You watch "Prison Break" in the hopes of having a nightmare with Michael Scofield.
8. You end up having a nightmare with T-Bag and Hannibal Lecter playing Catan. Didn't stick around to see who won.
9. You don't kill spiders using force. You kill spiders using the force of glass cleaner and water!
10. You think your life is pretty amazing because you haven't had a spider attack in 1 year. 1 year! Man, I can start enjoying my life now!
11. You think Louis Prima is still mega-awesome and is the only one that can sing without real words.

2 comentarii:

Mih spunea...

Pariez ca Hannibal ar fost cat p-aci sa castige daca T-bag nu ar fi avut norocul sa dea 7 la zaruri de atatea ori.

Anyway, big like!
..and hugs.

Suflet Curcubeu spunea...

mai nou jucam Catan pe bani. 50 bani jocul. guess who's getting a nice hot-steamy car in the next 178 years?