sâmbătă, 26 aprilie 2014

taking the stairs

today I lost the elevator.
while I was trying to get a new fridge up to the 5th floor, where I live.
I lost it while I was descending with the old one.
and when I took the old TV out.
and when I was getting some milk and bread from the store right in front of my building.
so I started to think about life and how it's full of elevators we try to catch.
about one year ago, C. came from Belgium and we did what we know to do best: drink Starbucks, rally the stores and look for cheap fashion treasures. so we decided to go to H&M, where I fell in love with a pair of black ankle strap sandals that were a little out of my budget.
I put them on and they felt like they were not fitting right.
C. bought pink suede strappy sandals. and I decided against the ones I really wanted. C. actually offered to buy them for me, but it felt weird.
so, with both feet on the ground, we left the store and just kept walking around till we got tired and went home. I remember it was raining. and because you were living closer to the area I took a cab to your place instead of mine.
so I guess that when I saw the same sandals yesterday at the store at 50% off I just had to take them.
now I walk around the house, cleaning my kitchen and checking my new refrigerator in 4 inch high heels.
and I think about how I lost the elevator.
and how I will probably not see C. very soon for a new shopping session.
and how I miss splitting up a nice ice coffee frappucino. and how I miss her overall.
and how we lost ourselves. you're away and I'm apart. and we're not going to find each other too soon. we lost that elevator.
so what did I do?
I took the stairs instead.
and it felt good too feel my heart racing for no reason.

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