duminică, 8 noiembrie 2015

You were right, Darling

Today I was just talking with P. about you, when I remembered something you said last New Years Eve.
Remember Last New Years Eve? When I was crying at 1 am with a bottle of white wine in bed, watching Sex and the City?
That was when you predicted that I would stop drinking red wine with Coke, that I would get a sales job and that I would meet a man with brains, looks and spirit. A man worthy of me, as you said.
Guess what, Darling?
You were right.
I got a sales job. And then I lost it 2 weeks after.
I met the guy of my dreams. He's 2000km away from me.
And I drink a lot of red wine. Without Coke.
So cheers, let's drink to forgetting you ever wished me anything. Let's drink to chaos, and not knowing what might happen and not giving a damn about predictions.
Let's just drink.
To you being right, Darling.

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