sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

short story of the things that made us happy

share your secrets, share your sweatshirts, your kisses, your laughter.
take pictures of me, pull me to you, fight with me when I say I love you more, kiss me so unexpectedly my breath is trembling.
I'd tell you you're beautiful, I'd tell you how I feel, I'd tell you you're my everything and I'd mean it.
kiss me in front of them, take me anywhere, text messege me in the morning, tell me to have a good day, call me and tell me you miss me.
I'd kiss you lightly, I'd kiss you on both cheeks, I'd look deep into your eyes and I'd tell you I love you, I'd hold your hand in public...
so kiss me in the rain, move the hair from my face and kiss me passionately, kiss me until I cannot feel my lungs, until I'm able to forget I wish we'd never met.

these memories are scars. scars heel. marks remain deep in your very self.
hope you find your peace somehow.

Lene Marlin - Story

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2 comentarii:

Mih spunea...

De obicei imi gasesc cuvintele, iar uneori le construiesc din nimic. Dar ultimile postari ale tale ma dezbraca de orice putere. NU scrii in cuvinte ci in imagini si trairi, si in fata iubirii ma pierd. De la suflet catre suflet...


Suflet Curcubeu spunea...

e toamna, si lumina ei aurie imbie la meditatie, la visare, la tristetea aceea calma si calda...

de la suflet catre suflet: