duminică, 19 februarie 2012

fighting with myself

She cheated on him. He hit her. I hate them both for what they represent, but I love them for what they are, as they are dear to me. I cannot stare them in the eyes, for I feel that I am the one to blame. I do not agree with her, but I would never turn my back to a friend that needs me. And I could never hurt her, as she is a very important piece of my soul. But his suffering disturbes me, it trembles my heart and makes my mind twist, as her betrayal is more than he can endure... too much to bear and keep within yourself. Though it is hard not to judge her, hitting her would mean much more pain for him than for her. As every hit falling on her, all of her small bruises, her wounds, are marks on his soul. I remember when I was a girl, I remember I would fight my little sister. I would feel like every tiny punch that hit her soft white skin was a wound on me. I felt my heart pounding, not just with rage, but trying to escape my hurtful chest, while my lungs were so close to explode I could hardly breathe. Every breath I took was as if the air was ash.
I remember that after the moment faded away and the fight had stopped, I would reach my hand to my heart to make sure it was still alive. And it was. It was desperately beating inside of me, probably afraid of my insatiable fury against me.
I wish she knew this. I wish she knew I regret all of our foolish fights, from then and now. I wish I had told her that I felt so furious of myself back then, that I was nothing more than a child, a child driven by the guilt and fear that she will resent me. Somehow she forgave me. But I will never think proudly of myself for being that sister. And that's why I lost back then, and that's why I lose today.

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