sâmbătă, 14 martie 2015

When the guy you like is a shmuck

You just have to make sure to at least purchase one bottle of wine. Ignore the judgemental look of the store clerk and just ask for change to a 100 bill and then make up your mind 100.23 times whether you need a plastic bag or not.
Apply bottle of wine to forehead and smash really hard 100 times till you feel your prefrontal cortex got the picture and then just make sure you hard-wire it in your basal ganglia.
Pour wine into glass.
Watch at least 5 men look suspiciously at you because you just put Diet Coke in your glass of wine. Give 0 fucks whatsoever.
Cry like you mean it.
How can you love a shmuck?
Now go hug yourself!

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