luni, 25 iulie 2016

The story of Min and how I learned to stop shouting - part II

The word was MUSIC.
Music. Music.
Music, where did I hear about that, asked Min himself. I´m sure I heard it somewhere.
A strange thought started to haunt him.
Was it a dream?
He started searching his memory, digging into each dream he ever had. What was MUSIC? Where did he hear about it? Why does it sound so familiar?
He went home, tired and excited at the same time. A headache was pulsating on his temple as he went to bed without eating. He wanted to sleep. He had to sleep in order to dream.
And he did dream.
He dreamt about a girl, so happy and so full of dreams that she could have made Silencia look like the saddest place on Earth compared to the wonderful world she´d create even with a word or a gesture.
She was not beautiful, but to his eyes.
She was not sweet, but to his taste.
She was not real, but to his hands.
She was not alive, but to his mind.
And so he woke up feeling the touch of her deep inside of him and he knew he´ll never be the same. He knew he will not stop looking for her in the real world, as long as she was alive in his dream world.
He immediately packed his things and started planning his trip around the world to find her. He knew she was not living in Silcencia. He knew she must be somewhere else.

His parents were concerned, but they let him decide what was best for himself.
And for the first time in his life, Min had a purpose. A purpose so clear, so palpable, so strong it made his eyes water with tears of joy. He felt happier than ever.

He left in a week´s time. He decided to first try going to the East, since that was the world least explored in the books he read.
And to his mind it made perfect sense that his best chances of finding Music were there.
As he was crossing the border he made a decision. As soon as finds Music, he will...

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