luni, 15 mai 2017

Angels in Purgatory

- Heaven has angels. Hell has devils. Then who would you say keeps an eye on Purgatory?
She looked at me for a few seconds and then frowned, and then ran her index finger over her lips.
- I guess it would be retired angels.
- Retired angels?
Her eyebrows frown a little more.
- Retired angels. Don't you think there's some that get really tired with all the running around taking care of people? I know I would be. I can hardly take care of myself, imagine if I had to take care of an entire city.
- But you're not an angel.
She softly kicks me with her left foot.
- You don't know that. I might be an angel in disguise.
She sticks her tongue out and makes that face I adore.
- So how would you say a typical day of an angel goes?
- Pfuuuu, I guess it depends on who they have to take care of!
- I take it your angel is always busy with keeping you from running the car into trees or burning down the house?
Space between her eyebrows gets dangerously narrow.
- You know, this story is actually interesting. Angels in Purgatory. I can imagine them to be old Angels that have seen it all and got bored with being Angels.
- How can one get bored with being an Angel? They have eternal life, they can speak to God, they have redeemed themselves and they have wings!
She smiles at me and puts a finger on my lips.
- It's easy, can't you see it? Angels in Purgatory want to be humans again!
- Why would you want to be human again?
- So that you can dream and suffer and hope, why not? I'd like to be a human forever.
I smile and I take her in my arms.
- How can you be human when you're my angel?
- I found a way out of Purgatory!

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