vineri, 12 mai 2017

The story of Min and how I learned to stop shouting - part |||

... find a way of expressing the feeling of warm softness in his heart. He couldn't find the right explanation for it, he just felt like he was soft as a feather and could fly over the countries, over the rivers and seas he found in his way.
After a few days of wandering around, he decided to set camp next to a small village and rest for one day and then start his mission again. He realized he will have to renew his water supplies, so he went into the village. But what he found there scared him.
Everybody was gone. There was little sign the village was inhabited, except for the fact that the streets were clean, the houses looked well maintained and the well was in perfect use.
Just when he decided that it's better to leave, he saw an old man walking down the street. He watched the old man as he walked passed him as if he was a statue. The village was probably miles away from any other one, so seeing a foreigner in these parts would have been a... noticeable event.
As he stared at the old man getting smaller in the distance, he realized that there's somebody else coming. A woman. This time she was walking towards him. She came with a sure step and started getting water out from the well. She didn't salute or make any kind of gesture that would acknowledge his presence there.
Min felt very weird. Silencers were usually very polite to each other and a great deal was given to greeting people, even the ones you didn't know.
To his surprise the woman drifted away with one bucket of water that she was spilling everywhere. She wasn't really paying attention to that, as if she was daydreaming. At one point, she actually tripped over a rock in the middle of the road and the bucket went upside down.
As he was contemplating the entire scene, Min couldn't help but notice that the woman wasn't really in a hurry to pick everything up and get back home. She sat there for a while, calmly touching the ground around her. It was that moment that Min realized something was off. She wasn't patting the ground, she was looking for something. The woman was blind.
He immediately started walking in her direction and he saw her turn her face in his direction. She strangely opened her mouth and closed it for a few times. She pulled back when she felt Min's steps getting closer and got up to her feet.
Min wasn't sure what to do. He just sat there and watched her.
After a few seconds, the woman started running in the opposite direction and even if Min thought like it was a shame she left her bucket there, he also felt strangely relieved.
He turned around to find himself faced to the old man.
The old man smiled. He had a piece of paper in his hand. There was something written on it. It was...

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