sâmbătă, 21 decembrie 2013

What a woman is thinking about when wearing a tight skirt

What the fuck am I doing? WHAT. THE FUCK. AM I. DOING.
Keep it in your pants, you douchebag.
Owwww, you're cute. Aha, knew there's something wrong with you.
I wonder if I'm walking funny in these shoes.
Shit, I'm walking funny in these shoes.
Is my skirt too short?
By the looks of this old lady, my skirt is too short for the last century. So totally compliant with our days.
I'm late. Oh I am soooo late.
Dum de dum de dum de dum - O la la la - Na na na na naaaaaaaaa.

Fuck yeah, I am totally strutting this skirt.

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