joi, 9 septembrie 2010


One of these nights
I'm going to take my phone
and dial your number
I'll wait for the tone
my breath will hold until I hear the first ring
as if it'll stop forever in this instant.
I will close my eyes
And as the phone rings in desperate cries
I will picture you shivering, while pressing the answer button
And as your voice reaches my ears, it touches me inside
it scratches my heart and drives me crazy
I'll open my mouth and in a sharp voice
I'll say:
I wish that without me you'll be spending the rest of your nights awake.
You'll sigh and then press the button to silence
the one way to complete isolation
you'll close your eyes
but no sleep will caress your skin
and that's how it's going to be
this night, the night after
that's how it felt the night before
and you no longer feel you have to fight it
covered by muteness
as a picture with lines so spread
you cannot tell them apart
that's how you'll be
that's how I am

2 comentarii:

Mih spunea...

And the voice will say: "i want your kisses keep me awake". :D :P


[tu chiar nu aveai somn :(. nu`i de bine]

Suflet Curcubeu spunea...

don't worry, be happy :)