duminică, 9 august 2009


Slipknot - She
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She is facing a major crisis.
She cut her hair because she once heard that a woman with a new haircut starts a new life.
She got drunk when she felt that reality was too cruel.
She’s a crybaby and a rash, always with tears ready to fall down her cheeks.
She’s not good at enduring things.
She often starts a diet just to quit it in 3 hours, ending up eating sweets and wathcing toones, all sad and sleepy.
She likes walking on brick roads.
She would never show how down she really is.
She feels it’s hard to make it back on her feet.
She likes the sound of footsteps on the hallway.
She loves you. She would never tell it, but she does, I’ve seen her writing it down.
She often oversleeps.
She feels without protection when the sour and deaf solitude falls upon her sole.
She would stay in front of anyone, taking the force of the blow, without second thoughts.
She’s scared. She’s running.
She believes.
She loves this wild, filthy and cruel world. Because it’s the world where she met everyone.
She feels both sorrow and sweet tranquility, all wraped in the light of hope and the sound of you kissing the night.
She doesn’t know what to do when he’s not there to put his arms around her.
She’s lost.
She played with the gun and shot her own boat, so she’s sinking slowly. She does know to swim.
She will never give up.
She is without.
She is me.

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