luni, 28 septembrie 2009

Gold Man

- Why isn’t there a Spiderman?
- Spiderman? What do you mean?
- I mean like… Richard Goldman or Daniel Silverman…
- Spiderman… is Spiderman. He can’t be like… Frank Spiderman… He’s a Spider… man… You know like Goldman is a last name, but there’s no Gold Man…
- Ow… huh, there should be a Gold Man!
- … So what kind of powers would Gold Man have?
- He… would turn things to gold!
- What about things that are already gold?
- Aaaa… he’s work is done!
… later on the same phone call…
- I don’t know why… but in the whole universe, I don’t know why I feel I can share to you all the stupid things that go through my mind!
- Yeah, we’re the same… thing!
- Like the same dough!
- Yeah, we’re white bread!
- [laughter]No, you’re white bread, I want to be black oatmeal bread!
- [laughter]Ok, you go ahead and be black bread!

Încă o conversație cu Dana.
Dacă voi ați priceput ceva, anunțați-mă. Eu încă simt efectele benefice ale unei discuții complet ieșite din comun și din sfera normalului...

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Claudiu spunea...

n-am priceput nimic @-)

Suflet Curcubeu spunea...

înseamnă că ești un om normal :)