vineri, 29 mai 2009

Stupid me

Kimya Dawson - So nice so smart
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I really think I did it this time. I`ve hurt you. I`ve hurt me. Anyone feeling guilty?

Don`t take me serious, it`s just lonely me writing stupid poems instead of reading. I really lost myself this time. I don`t know what`s right or wrong anymore and I feel like I`m fading away from everybody. I`m falling inside tea cups, hanging by a page in a green book. I feel as if I`m drifting like a leaf in the wind.
- Hey, what`s wrong? You don`t look like yourself.
- I`m not myself. I`m feeling nobody today.

I forgot about something really important.
You smile to me from a picture I hung in front of my bed, so I can sail away in Dream Land with your face in my mind. I miss you.

It`s a red light coming from my soul. All those emotions and torments are trying to break out my atriums and ventricles. A painful process.

Can I sell my soul? Or at least can I trade it with a new one? I think this one is broken. Yup, it`s something wrong with it... What do you mean I can fix it? I tried, it doesn`t work, it has a leak at the engine and it makes waste of energy. It`s pointless. No matter how many dresses I try to hide it with, no matter how many chocolate I eat to heal it, no matter how many books I read... it`s stil empty. Yup, there a hole in my chest. A big one. An invisible one. It`s covered with pieces of reminiscences of a nice day in the park and a rainbow-colored scarf.

I think it sounds kind of stupid. And it`s kind of pathetic. It`s kind of like me.

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